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As of my last update in January 2024, Edinburgh, Scotland, has a wide range of postcodes covering its various districts. Here is a list of some of the postcodes in Edinburgh we cover:

  1. EH1

  2. EH2

  3. EH3

  4. EH4

  5. EH5

  6. EH6

  7. EH7

  8. EH8

  9. EH9

  10. EH10

  11. EH11

  12. EH12

  13. EH13

  14. EH14

  15. EH15

  16. EH16

  17. EH17

  18. EH28

  19. EH29

  20. EH30

Each of these postcode areas covers different parts of the city, ranging from the city center to the outskirts. For specific addresses and their corresponding postcodes, it's recommended to consult an up-to-date postal code directory or use an online postcode finder service.

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Areas We Cover

We cover a variety of areas in Edinburgh, The Lothians & Fife.

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